About Delta 8 Cart


Understanding Delta 8 Carts

A shortened form of the word cartridges, carts are filled with a predetermined amount of liquid. Inside a delta 8 cart, the liquid contains active D8 THC and is a combo of D8 distillate and specific terpenes. In some cases, delta 8 is mixed with terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Most delta 8 carts are designed to fit a traditional vape pen battery-powered tank. This option is preferred because the carts are more affordable than the disposable options. After all, consumers can reuse the battery tanks rather than replacing them each time.

Most companies that sell delta 8 THC carts offer ones with 510 threading. This allows the carts to work with over 90% of the vaping devices currently available. As not all carts offer the 510 threading, always read the specifications before purchasing. At the same time, not all vape pens accept 510 threading, so know what your vaping device requires.

None of the delta 8 carts we recommend are refillable. Simply throw them out when they are empty. Most consumers prefer disposable carts because there is less mess involved and no need to refill with any sticky distillate.

Storing a Delta 8 Cart

Something not talked about very often is how shelf-stable delta 8 THC is. It has a longer shelf life than your typical delta 9 THC products as long as it’s stored correctly. When storing your vape cart, be sure to keep it out of any direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures. The best place to store your cart is in a drawer, closet, or cupboard away from any heat source.

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Reasons Why Delta 8 Carts Are the Popular Choice

As you might already know, delta 8 THC is available in many different forms, including flowers, gummies, tinctures, capsules, and concentrates. Many of us are often left wondering why the vape carts are the most popular choice among delta 8 users with all of these options.

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing a vape cart over other options is its shelf life. When stored correctly, a vape cartridge will last for several years. There is also no measuring required, as each puff provides you with a consistent dose. These carts are also cost-efficient and easy to use.

Risks When Using Delta 8 Carts

Although delta 8 THC is safe to use in vape cartridges, some companies use additional chemicals which may pose significant risks to your health.

The only legal way to extract delta 8 THC is from hemp plants. Sadly, these plants only contain trace amounts of it naturally, so most companies rely on synthesizing D8 from CBD. To extract it, though, they must use toxic chemicals, which are then purged from the final product.

Your reputable companies only sell the purest forms of delta 8 THC carts and can back up the purity of their products with a certificate of analysis from an independent lab. If a manufacturer doesn’t readily provide lab reports proving the potency and purity of their products, that signals a problem. It might even mean that the products contain toxic chemicals, making them dangerous to consume.